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Our Igusa Tatami Mats

Igusa tatami are used as a flooring material in Japanese-style rooms.

Advantages of using Igusa tatami mats:

  • Cooling to rest on especially during hot summer seasons
  • Keeps the body warm in cold weathers
  • Natural grassy aroma that helps calm the senses; relaxing the body and mind
  • Pleasant and smooth to the touch
  • Suitable for Tatami users of all ages
  • Absorbs and reduces noise levels in the home
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Natural and Eco-friendly

What is Igusa? How's it used in tatami mats?

Igusa (Juncus Effusus) is a water rush that grows best in the southern part of Japan. Tatami mats are covered with this woven soft Igusa straw.

This natural material is hand-selected to weave in our Tatami mats furnishings and flooring.